Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cool apps & Halloween

Power is back...but not cable yet so I am sitting at Starbuck's typing away!

I have been researching the most popular apps film makers are (mainly on using to assist making movies and documentaries.  It has been quite fun testing out some of these apps, a couple of which I will encourage the children to learn.  For Destination Imagination and documentary making, the children will need to plan out and write scripts.

We have been playing with Celtx scripts and Celtx Storyboarding.  It is amazing what you can get for a few dollars on the iPad.  Celtx scripts allows you to write scripts easily as your script is formatted for you as you go and you just enter stage directions, dialog, action and more and a perfectly formatted script is created.  You can have a master script on a computer and it syncs with iPads so it is a fast way to update everyones scripts.  Celtx Storyboard complements Celtx scripts.  The set/stage can be designed and laid out, pictures, photos and sketches can be uploaded and a detailed plan can be made and shared, easily altered.  They are great tools, fun to use and intuitive for the children.

Tristan made a short script and found it easy to use.  In fact while the power was out, I came downstairs to find both of my children in the middle of a script writing contest by candlelight.  They weren't using the app, but they laid it out using the script formatting.

Claire has been playing her guitar and singing a lot.  I took a video of her playing...but it miraculously disappeared before I could get it on my blog!

Also Halloween happened (kind of).   Halloween has been postponed in almost every town, but we wanted to do something on the actual day. We did a little trick or treating.  It was so fun to get out of the house!

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