Monday, November 5, 2012

Whole food online course

I want my cable back.  sob.  cry.  I am *so over* going to Starbucks to get Internet.

Anyway, the good news is that because the power has been out I have managed to catch up on my wholefoods online course with Heather at Beauty That Moves.  It is such a fantastic resource; just what I needed to kick start my lackadaisical butt into gear in the kitchen.

My sister in law is a holistic nutritionist and is in the process of putting together an amazing app loaded with recipes, how to videos and wonderful advice on how to take back control of your kitchen and your family's nutrition.  I can't wait for it to come out.  Every time she comes to visit we are treated to the most delicious natural recipes that my whole family loves.  In the meantime, I have plunged headlong into Heather' program.  Why is it so awesome? Well (I think) I know most of the nutritional stuff... as I like reading about it and keeping up to date (when I have cable!!! grrr).  However I need the skills to put it all together.  I need recipes with the kinds of ingredients I like to use such as coconut oil, raw nuts and so on and she supplies about 20 or so tried and true recipes with all the kinds of food I like and buy!!!  YAY.   This means I don't need to go through cookbooks anymore and try and change recipes.  Her recipes are nutritious and delicious and use the stuff in your pantry which she explains how to organize.  Her caring but not overly A type personality shines through her course notes.  She is so encourage and makes it looks so easy.   I am so excited to try everything.  I HAVE been trying everything and my kids are into everything too (no cable!).

This storm has had a silver lining for me.  With no power, both my fridges had to be cleaned out and restocked.  Out went 300-year old jellies...and things I only used once when I was going through a Thai food phase.  It is exciting to have almost every ingredient I need on hand to make things.  I have a gorgeous binder filled with great recipes I want to try and I have lots of things to think joining/starting a buyers coop to source excellent staples.  This week I joined a group so I can get raw unpasteurized almonds (so that I can sprout them), bulk coconut oil and nuts.  I am enjoying myself!


  1. It is awesome and exciting, but really mostly for me... I know I will be a well fed, fat Kim, every. single. Tuesday! Wooo hoo, whole foods course! Rock it, Cath! :>)

  2. I love her website. I find it very peaceful. I wondered what her course was like....

    1. It is really great. The recipes are very simple and easy to make. ...and let's face it... I really need help in the motivation dept. I have really fallen off the cooking wagon over the last 9 months. I finally got a popcorn air popper (thanks to you) and they really are fun. I am delighted with it. Thank you. :)