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I am a home schooling mother of two children in Connecticut.  I used to be a high school teacher in Australia before meeting my now husband on a round-the-world trip. We lived in New York City for ten years where I worked at the Met (hat making), at Prudential Intercultural where I helped to relocate families and where I fell in love with Montessori education.

We moved to Connecticut when my son was born and my husband started his company.  My children went to Montessori school and so did I to become certified as a Montessori teacher.  Once qualified I decided to homeschool my children. This arrangement made traveling to Madagascar (where my husband is from) and Australia and all places in between more possible.  We love being home together as a family and it all seemed to make sense.

My passion is education in all of its forms and I amuse myself with all kinds of reading on the subject.  I am particularly interested in helping children connect with their passions.  I love experimenting with different teaching methods and curricula, having spontaneous deep conversations with my children and creating productive learning environments. Homeschooling is great for my soul as I am combining my passion and the tremendous love that I have for my family.

... and my dream is to eventually set up a Montessori adolescent program on a sustainable farm.

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