Friday, March 7, 2014

A Crazy Year of Theatre

I remember the day when Claire came home after a cat neuter and Mocha (one of our rescues) was spayed at Ridgehill Animal Hospital.  Claire had watched and been shocked by the procedure and decided then and there that she didn't want to be a vet anymore.  This was quite a shock to me as all her life she had been all about animals.  She had recently been to a vet camp and loved it and I had been checking out all of the top vet programs in the country fully expecting her to be going in that direction.  People had warned me that children change their minds but I was pretty sure Claire was set in that direction.

From that time on, Claire dove into writing her book, spending countless hours writing and editing with her editor from Writopia.  Along with that, an intense passion for theatre developed and it hasn't subsided one bit.

With Book of Mormon star Nic Rouleau
I remember the moment too when she decided singing was a new passion, hearing Juliet sing at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  I have been watching her developing her talents,  blossoming into a fully fledged theatre nerd and just soaking up everything she can about the history of theatre and anything else associated with it.  The cynic in me tells me that this is just a phase however, I can't help being drawn into it.  Passion is contagious.

In The Woods cast at the Ridgefield Playhous

I decided to just enjoy it.  In honor of that I decided to get tickets to a piece of theatre every week.   We have been going to many of the local town and school productions, to shows in regional centers and Broadway too as a treat.  It has been fun exploring all of our neighborhood theaters.  I am surprised at how many there are...we can't get to everything we want to see.  This experience is instilling in me a love of theatre that I didn't know I had and Claire just loves it so much.

We sometimes end up here for dinner...the food is oust but the singing.....GREAT!


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