Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Minecraft Club

Tristan's Minecraft Club has been happening at the Wilton Library for over a year now.   We meet every Saturday morning and playdates often follow.  We have a group of regulars and new people trying it out every week.  The library has had to cap participants to 25 and we have a waiting list.  It has been a great fun start to our weekends.

So this is Tristan with a couple of his buddies that have been coming to the club for over a year.

It has been interesting observing these children play.  We went for a long stretch without girls and now we have around 8 who come regularly. The boys are louder and like to play "seek and destroy" games.

The girls are busy creating "machines" and villages.  Of course there is a lot of crossover too and everyone seems to have a great time.

We have also played around with table configuration and have decided a particular layout is most enjoyed. The children like to sit in groups so we have 4 tables of 6-7 kids.

We have a craft table now also to design and make pixel art with wooden blocks.

Tristan has also started a new Minecraft related programming course at Youth Digital.  I am a strong believer in not just playing games, but creating them.  This course is called Mod Design 1.

Children are taught how to make their own swords, food, and other Minecraft elements (called "mods") using Javascript.  It is a course designed for children aged 8-14 and it is the 4th course we have taken with this wonderful little company from North Carolina.  Check them out here.  I purchased this program from the Homeschoolers Buyers Co-op at a substantial discount.

(I am not being paid to plug these companies but I highly recommend them)

We will be continuing to host the Club through May and then we will have to make a decision about whether to hand it over to other enthusiastic parents to host it over the summer.

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