Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adoption event

Today Claire held her third adoption event at Choice Pet Supply in Danbury.  She took Danni and Boo (the puppy).  Both of these dogs are wonderful adoption candidates.  A few families were interested in the dogs and Claire found a new foster family.  Claire was particularly happy with the result as she now has 8 families who will foster for her.  Finding foster families is key to expanding the business as the more fosters you have the more dogs you can save.  Two new dogs Joseph and Brownie (Boo's female sibling) are arriving tomorrow from Georgia.   Once we get them off the truck, Claire will wash them and do some behavior testing on them.  She wants to know as much about them as possible before they go to their foster families later in the day.

Benji Boo 

Danni is my favorite dog.  I want to adopt her although I might have to battle to get her as her foster Mom loves her so much she doesn't want her to go to anymore adoption events and she is also planning to take her on vacation with them in December!

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