Friday, November 16, 2012

Camping at Two Coyotes

Last night I had the pleasure of accompanying my son on his overnight camping trip at Woodcock nature center.  He had been hiking all day and I arrived in the afternoon with the tent.  A quick hike into the woods to the camp site and 20 minutes later I was sitting in my tent wishing I had brought my lap top.  It was dark by 4:30 and pitch black by 5pm.  Temperatures dropped quickly to below freezing.  I decided in a sleeping bag was the best place to be.  I was allowed to come as the token female chaperone on the trip.  I listened to the children playing games, cooking around the campfire and the telling of Native American stories.

The children were in bed early. I wish I could say I got a good night sleep but I spent most of the night dreaming about my own bed at home and wishing I was in it.  I am a softie after all, but it was a nice memory.

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  1. So what all activities have you guys have been participated and what are the fun games you have been playing on your Camping ?