Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dance and Kempo

Right now Tristan is preparing for his first dance battle.  He has a training schedule and 7 routines he has to prepare.  The routines are extremely physical and require strength and coordination.  He is trying his hardest.

Right now he is putting together his third round.  Battles are little tournaments.  Eight children between 7-10 will be selected to battle (out of all the children who register). Tristan is hoping he will be chosen to compete.  To be chosen children have to put together a showcase of moves.   If competing there will be three rounds where 2 routines are performed back to back.  They are knock out battles and there is strategy involved.

I will know more after I watch it.  Tristan is nervous. He looks up to his role model, Luis who is very serious about his dancing.  He is learning discipline and determination as the moves he is putting together are challenging and take a while to master. With only 13 days to go, we are counting down.

In other news, Tristan tested for his green stripe belt in Kempo today.  It was an exhausting test but he was determined to prove that he could do it.  He has been working hard with this new teacher and today I saw it paying off.

Grandparents, aunts and cousins were all there to cheer him on!

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