Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calm before the storm

The last three days have been eerily still.  We have had fantastic foliage this season and slowly over the last few days the leaves have been falling like feathers on a mere breath of wind.  The ground is literally a earthy red carpet.  I can only imagine what it will be like in three days from now after the epic storm.  Our town is not in a good spot on the hurricane map.  This storm seems like it will turn a corner over us and therefore we are going to have extra storm days.  I hope there is a tree left standing.

But for now it is calm and we are waiting.  I took some before pictures.

----Update Post Sandy-----
The storm blew past us quite quickly over a 5 hour period.  We lost power about half way through the storm and our generator came on.  Having power and cable was quite comfortable.  Then Claire walked the dogs and we noticed lightning moving through.  10 minutes later our generator stopped suddenly and George went downstairs to find an unusual smell next to the transfer switch box and no power going through the box. (The generator works but no power gets into the house)  So there goes the cable and the fridge!

Nevertheless, we have no trees down!!!! which is amazing given that trees are draped over power lines left right and center.  Every way out from out house is blocked by a tree...officially, but we managed to narrowly get under a power line to get out to New Canaan this morning for bagels and coffee and now Starbucks to get some wifi.

Clean up is going to take a while but I like the change in pace.  It's nice to be together as a family, to catch up on conversations, to tell stories in bed, to be without electronics and to count our blessings.  

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