Friday, October 19, 2012

Horrible Histories

A couple of months ago I bought a box of horrible histories. Imagine a box of 20 kid friendly books filled with the history of the world, fun facts and comics in an easy to read format (not exactly classic literature or living books).

I thought Tristan would devour these.  He loves history and lately we have been in a bit of a history slump.  He took the plastic of the box and picked them over and then stated,  "I am not reading these until they have detoxed."

He put one on top of the air purifier.

I was a bit disappointed. I thought this box was going to launch him into a reading frenzy and lead him towards some great history project.

So I forgot about them.

And today he picked one up and started reading one and is almost finished with the next one sitting next to him waiting to be read. YES!!!!!

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