Sunday, October 7, 2012

Meet Star and Haley

Now that Jessie has a forever home, we have two new rescues.  Star is a young 7 month old Pitbull mix that we rescued from Bridgeport Animal Control.  She had been in the shelter for 8 weeks and was very shy and scared of people.  They told us she was shut down, however when Claire sat on the floor next to her she started opening up.  We took her out and before long she was wagging her tail and licking Claire all over.

She is the cutest little dog.  She falls asleep in your arms when you pet her.  We couldn't leave her there.  Three days later she has socialized very well in our family.  She is getting on very well with Tuggles and she is very warm and snuggly.  We all love her.

Haley (rescue #5) came from Tennessee.  She was picked out of a line of dogs slated for euthanasia, transported to Connecticut but had nowhere to go.  Lucky Tails accepted her into its foster network after she was surrendered to us by another rescue organization that Claire has connections with.   Haley has some issues.  There has been some trauma in her past. She is a one year old cattle/shepherd dog mix and she is shy especially with men.  She is calm and likes to stay outside away from people.  Claire has her already eating out of her hand and coming up to her but she has a little way to go before she is well socialized.  She would make a great dog for an older person who would like some company.  She is not jumpy and would make a quiet loving companion.

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