Friday, October 26, 2012

Dancing update

So here is the thing.

Tristan loves to dance.  He loves to be a showman.  But he has some issues.  He needs to be lighter on his feet. His teacher, B-girl Trinity thinks he would benefit seeing other kids his age "battle" and be inspired to lift his game to what he is actually capable of.  Luis trains a young crew in Fairfield County and today we will find out if Tristan makes the cut.

Well...he isn't ready yet...but he has potential and Luis is a kind and patient teacher.  T is learning quickly, focusses! and has a unique style.  He is going to need a few more months of lessons and discipline to clean up his moves and get light on his feet.  But he is on his way.  And he has been invited to watch the young battle team Luis trains on Sundays.

He is also loving his hip hop class with his buds.

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