Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Merwin Meadows

There is an awesome little place not far from our house.  It is a natural spring that has been turned into a town pond.  Pristine white beach sand is shipped in and the pond itself is surrounded by a  gorgeous green lawn, large trees and a river. You feel like you are in a nature cocoon.

On gorgeous early summer mornings we love to play in the river.

We enjoy walking Tuggles down the hiking trails.

We love skimming stones by the bridge, chasing each other around the playground and running through the field and under the road bridge to get ice cream at Scoops!

Most of all we like to share our special spot.

Lately we have been sneaking out in the evenings for a quick swim.  The life guards have gone home by then and there are no rules!  The kids can use their boogie boards and swim out to the middle of the pond! They feel so free!

The children have made up a list of dares.  One is to swim to the middle of the pond and touch the bottom!

Of course I am a mere spectator in the shenanigans.  But I love it all.

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  1. I love that photo! Such great friends. I have a feeling many more memories will be made there this summer!