Friday, June 22, 2012


Both of my children do martial arts.  My husband wants them to be able to protect themselves.  I thought that martial arts would be a good way to reinforce the discipline I am still trying to encourage at home.  I like that they have to remember long sequences, a skill I believe is great for their brain/memory development.

They have been doing kempo, a combination of martial arts (Shaolin monk karate and kung fu with a little bit of Brazilian jujitsu thrown in) for a couple of years now and have green belts.  They have also been on demo teams where they learn and demonstrate weapon forms.  My two have their lessons together and I like that.  We also like the people at our dojo.  It is a small group and we know everyone.

The staff all seem dedicated and invested in my children's growth.  I am hoping they will both continue with it and be able to mentor others as they get older.  I am also hoping that there are no accidents!


  1. I really have to pull out my slides of the Shaolin Temple to show Tristan....I love martial arts, just about every form, although Kenpo is my favorite. I wonder if I can remember my forms........

  2. I think you should give us a demonstration! Tristan was flabbergasted when I said you did it! He said. What?????!!!! No way. Jessica? Lilah's Mom Jessica. Really, I said. Oh...that's cool. Hmmmm..... what other cool secret things are there that we don't know about!