Monday, August 20, 2012

Reality check

Today was difficult.  We had our teacher for technology come for a home visit to see the space he will be working in.  Tristan and I had been doing math prior to his arrival.  It had been challenging and Tristan had to sit in confusion trying to work through the problems before they became clear.  Thinking lately has become more difficult.  It was hard to stay on task.

He looked at my feet.  You know Mum, he said "Your feet look like they belong to a 200 year old man and you have hairy legs, but your face is OK.  I actually like it."  Nice.   I asked him if he could handle his work, while I had the meeting.  I went through the workbook and examples and he got to work for about 5 minutes.

As soon as the guest was seated he started rolling around, standing on his head, plugging in his computer.  I asked him to stay on task and then he said he needed help (or me to do it for him) and I asked him to try and work through it.  Then he started being a little fresh and then even worse just plain stupid.

He has just spent the last 4 days acting in this Shakespeare play in the city.  He has been immersed in Shakespeare and even spent the morning rehearsing his second Shakespeare piece for A Midsummers Nights Dream. Our guest asked him what play it was that he was just in and Tristan sat there dumbfounded and eventually said, "Oh! was it Shakespeare???"

Oh my!  His brain has totally turned to mush.  There was only one thing I could do.  I didn't ban computer games entirely.  I wanted to. I made a new law! No entertainment related computer usage before 7pm during the week or before 3pm on the weekends.  If there is any infraction, computer time will be revoked after 7pm that evening.    That I was able to negotiate with limited drama.  I think he thought he got off easy given my disgust at the state of the union.

And then I went upstairs, shaved my feminine legs and painted my toes!


  1. hahahahahaha

    OMG that made me laugh.

    Thank goodness we have computer privileges to bargain with.

    1. Computer privileges remain an excellent currency. Taser is a great back up! ...only joking...
      Today is a little better...we have moved from computer to lego addiction.
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. We all have days like this! I will never forget the time Lilah, a toddler, drew a picture of me and for hair she used half yellow crayon and half black! I almost died and gave up forever on trying to be blond again!

    We (I) are moving towards less tv and tech as well. When it is off so many beautiful things happen.......

    Here's to a better day!

    1. LOL! She is very observant, very detail oriented! It does make a huge difference and I think I am only going to get stricter. We have a new have to be the boss of the computer, don't let the computer be the boss of you! Tristan said to me... what if you had to give up coffee and chocolate AND WINE!! Could you wait until after 7pm. Ummmmmm.... It is going to be a constant battle.

  3. Oh no! I bet he was just wiped out from his whirlwind of days of doing good stuff. Hope he is back to his normal witty and engaging self soon!

    1. I have to say he wasn't his usual sweet self yesterday.... and in lieu of computer he has been talking to himself all day playing with his lego, like he is staging a full feature movie in his head. Well...he now realizes that it doesn't pay to push all of my buttons at the same time!