Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Rainy Day in NYC

Our family used to live in NYC on the Upper East side.  That was 9 years ago now, a time when there wasn't a Starbucks on every corner!  We moved to Connecticut when Tristan was just a few months old.  At the time we left,  banks were moving into every available space.  Today I noticed a huge influx of frozen yoghurt stores and upmarket sandwich places.  I couldn't resist going into one. It was sooo good!

Food in NYC is so great!  Everywhere you look are delicious eateries.  We had some time to kill and caught the M train. We got out on 53rd and 5th.  Tristan wanted to say a prayer for his Papa.

Then a trip to F.A.O. Schwarz.

A good while was spent reading graphic novels.

Quite a diverse crowd at his Merry Wives rehearsal.  We were in a small meeting room with a piano.  The room came alive when the actors, with their booming voices and expressive faces took over the center of the small room and started rehearsing.  It was captivating.  The children's scene is short and a little fluffy with some pinching and poking. A bit of fun and games.

MoMA was OK.  I didn't prepare enough for the visit but luckily he still wants to go back.
And we finished off with a visit to the legendary Doughnut Plant in Chelsea.

Tristan had a peaches and cream doughnut with a pineapple and celery juice. (No sugar there...NOT!)
I had a chocolate pudding doughnut. A little rich for me but delicious and the coffee was excellent.

Time to go home. But not without presents for Claire.  A spiderman bag and a carrot cake doughnut!

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  1. FIrst of all....I LOVE the picture of Tristan on his head at FAO. Remind me to show you a picture of my girls in that same window (not on their heads)....I also have a precious picture of them doing ballet at the fountain outside.

    NYC is magical. I don't get there nearly enough. But when I do I soak it all up. Isn't that juice delish? I want to make it with my juicer.