Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I often set out to write a post explaining the what, how and why I have adopted the homeschooling technique that I have.  Maybe it is because people sometimes ask me what kind of homeschooler I am or why do I homeschool. The truth is that the answer to that is dynamic.  It changes as my children grow, as different options become available and how I view educational alternatives out there. I don't like to put myself in a box, because as soon as I do...I want to jump out. I do not have an A type personality.  I don't need everything to go in straight lines to the destination. So what I am doing is really an experiment in how to help my children live in balance, be the best manifestation of themselves they can be, to try and work out the journey that they are on in this life and to facilitate getting them access to the resources they need to succeed.  I also help them keep their goals in mind as they choose their activities and keep them on track in the work they do not enjoy so much.

Luckily over the past few years, universities have become more flexible in their entrance requirements.  Some accept portfolios and most don't require a high school transcript from a school.  The onus is on the children to prove they are capable of doing university level work.  I am not worried about that.

In the mean time I focus on doing fun, interactive activities that inspire, engage and motivate my children to learn deeply about things they are passionate about. I also try and surround them with passionate people.

Tristan's dancing teacher showed him this youtube video today and invited him to watch her team perform at Evolution in November (an international breakdancing competition in NYC).  This young man will also be there.

Tristan is no where near this level but he has started to practice everyday at least. There are dance crews of children his age that have 3 hour training sessions several times a week. He has been invited to watch. He loves dancing like this but the discipline to practice everyday will be the deciding factor. He is very motivated by other dancers so I wonder if he will pick the ball up and run with it. In the mean time, I am glad my children are not in a class like this. And this is a good teacher!


  1. I love that for the most part I no longer have to come up with an official label to what we do and how we do it. That need for a label is so powerful when you first start homeschooling. Now three years into the journey I would be hard-pressed to define us as one thing or another. We do what works, when it works for as long as it works. Then we change! Like you, my focus is always on passion, interest and opportunity. The rest falls into place.

  2. OMG that classroom! Wow. I have no words. I think breakdancing should be an Olympic sport - after all - Rhythmic Gym is.

  3. I don't typically post but this one I feel strongly about. Your passion, your knowledge, your creativity and your incredible skills have created a wonderfully rich tapestry of experiences that allow our children to seamlessly follow their natural path of development. I am constantly amazed at the seriousness of their work, the strong core they have developed, the determination they apply to their projects and the unbridled enthusiasm they approach life with. The credit goes to you for setting the culture of their educational stage and for having the courage to step back and trust them to write the lines of their life play. We are so very fortunate to have such a wonderful community of like minded, passionate parents and children that encourage and support one another in this inspirational journey. For all of this and a myriad unspoken things, I am deeply grateful.

  4. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. I am grateful to be surrounded by like minded people who support, encourage and join me on my path! Thank you.

  5. Wow, both of those videos moved me, but in very different ways. I am so glad where we are in our journey and the people we travel with. Life is rich and exciting, it never has to be rote or routine. The people around me point this out to me with their actions all of the time. I am grateful for taking that first step, alone, on the homeschooling path. I was never sure what I would find or where it would take me, but I never expected it to be this beautiful, and full of good people who genuinely care about my kids!