Friday, January 18, 2013

Minecraft Club

Andrea the children's librarian
Saturday was a big day for Tristan.  Over the past few months he has been working on a project for Huckleberry Hill.  He had to choose a project in line with his passion and manifest it.  He decided to try and set up a Minecraft club for children in the community that love Minecraft as much as he does.  Tristan wants to meet other boys in our town to play Minecraft with.

We came up with a plan and documented it on Simpleminds (iPad app).  He made appointments with the local librarian and convinced her to set up the club in the library.  He then worked with the IT guy at the library to make sure everything was set up so  the children could play on his server.

Huckleberry Hill is all about children manifesting a dream.  Children are supported and helped as they try and make their dream happen.  The process of making Tristan's dream happen involved learning a lot of new skills and exposure to different productivity tools that he will have in his tool kit going forward for future projects.

Dale the IT guy
These are some of the tools he used:

Simpleminds App (iPad): brainstorming app, that allows you to record and remember your ideas, where you left off on a project and what is still needed to do.  It is a great way to get back on track quickly after a break.

Google Sketchup (Mac): free 3D drawing tool that allowed Tristan to draw a building quickly and visualize how to build something in Minecraft.

Google Earth: (Mac): tool that allows you to see the ground that you want to map out (amongst other things) and draw a map that could be replicated in Minecraft.
The Flyer

Blogger: free blogging tool that he used to make his own blog to share his progress.

Notes (Mac): notetaking steps to making a server as a backup

Pages (Mac): Word processor to make the flyer for the library

All of these skills are transferable to his next project.  Actually finishing a project and seeing your idea manifested is great motivation to start another project.

Add in the paper
Tristan had 16 kids show up to join his club.  It was a boisterous, productive group.  The librarian decided to continue hosting the club through February and there were smiles all around. Mission accomplished!

Now I am of course wondering what his next project will be.

Setting up on the first meeting of the club

Friends came in support

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