Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Huckleberry Hill update

The Huckleberry Hill Project (2HP) has been growing and evolving into what it is meant to be.  2HP is essentially a day where young children get together and work (individually and together) on an individually chosen project, that represents an expression of who they are.  They come up with a way to express and share what they are passionate about. It doesn't really matter what the project is as long as it is very meaningful to them, as they are required to do all of the work (with ample assistance from the surrounding parent body).  The children use a myriad of real life skills to manifest their vision, transferable skills that they will use on their next projects.  Essentially, this is a group of kids visualizing their future and acquiring the skills they will need to go out in the world eventually and turn a big idea into reality.  I enjoy this part so much, watching them grow and seeing their ideas evolve.

I thought I'd post a few of little 1 minute videos the kids made about their projects.

In the afternoon we have the documentary making portion of the program.  This is where we all get together as a group and work on a group project.  We want to make our documentary about food, and making sure we have access to safe food, free of GMO's and chemicals.  We have been researching GMO's in particular, learning to use the documentary making equipment and starting to formulate our plan for the documentary.  Next week we are starting  a new phase of our project which is growing food at home and in our neighborhoods and documenting the process of doing that.  Each family is going to work out how they would like to do that this year and the kids are going to research and find their own method of growing a particular food, such as growing lettuces in plastic bottle towers or hydroponic peppers.  We are using heirloom seeds and I am looking forward to getting an early start on this summer's garden. We have some field trips in the works and I am looking forward to transform my deck into a summer vegetable garden!

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