Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tech class and the super collar

The tech class has been humming along.  Claire has been making this high tech "super" collar with Blythe.  The super collar has an LCD screen, camera, accelerometer and will have a GPS.  They have it all attached to a basic stamp circuit board. Today they were testing it on Tuggles and making a schematic for the electronics.

The big lego mess in the background has to do with Tristan picking out all of the green and grey lego to make a 4ft x 4ft landscape that his Minecraft rover is going to carry out missions on.  He is doing that with his friend Lewis.

Doesn't look like any fun at all...does it?  Hopefully these projects will be ready for the Maker Faire in April.

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  1. This is just plain awesome! I want to do this to our dog!