Friday, July 13, 2012


When Tristan's cousin arrives I cease to exist.  I swear it feels like Tristan is at camp.  No hugs and kisses in the morning.  No "Mum, could you make me French toast for breakfast?"  I know where he is though.  Sitting right next to his cousin.  Laptops open.  I hear the familiar Minecraft noises wafting into the kitchen.  I am smiling.  (Not because I love it when he is on the computer) I am smiling because he just loves his cousin so much and he is so happy.  I love that he is learning new things and his cousin is teaching him.  He can now set up his own server, whatever that means.  He has changed his "skin".  He can't get enough.

Soon enough my sister in law and I feel guilty about the screen time and we force them out of the house.  We take them to the local swimming hole.  They swim, explore the river and do the things kids like to do.  It's such a pleasure seeing him with boys as most of the kids we've found homeschooling in our area are girls.  Don't get me wrong, he *loves* girls (but that is another post!), but he also loves his boy time, playing war, Minecraft and doing science experiments.  His relationship with his cousin is such an important one.

They force us to go to supermarket for science experiment ingredients.  Diet coke, Mentos. The baking soda and vinegar ran out! They wanted to make grenades!

They have also been playing Pathfinder.  It is like Dungeons and Dragons with dice and a scenario. It is so much more fun to play with the cousin!  Pathfinder only happens when Uncle Ricardo is around as unfortunately this mother doesn't have enough patience for it and his father is clueless about it.   I would kill them off too quickly!

At night they have been enjoying backyard fireworks.  After years of seeing these at the supermarket and never buying them, I decided to give it a go this year.  I just bought a small packet. But they are really fun so the next day I went out and came back with a huge box!  They were very enjoyable.  Just like mini fireworks.  It is so fun to light the fuses and run behind the bushes.

 It is sad that our cousin had to got back to California.  We are going to miss them.

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  1. We were glad we got to meet the cousin! So glad Tristan had so much time with him! Backyard fireworks are pretty great! We usually smuggle ours up from the south where they make better ones than what they sell in CT. We love it! next time you are in TN or if you drive south, hit a warehouse, you will not be sorry!