Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We try and fit a lot into our year.  It is hard to be continually driving from one place to the next.  I try to consolidate the driving.  Whenever possible I have my children take the same classes.  That has worked up until now.  Claire is not into breakdancing or parkour, and hardly into Kempo anymore.   She wants to do a competitive team sport.  This is throwing a spanner into the works.  We just don't have much time.

She wants to do a sport where the ball is "unpredictable".  OK then.  I am not much into competitive sports.  We tried ice hockey a year or so ago but she started too late to skate competitively.  She could have joined the leagues but she would have had to compete against boys also and checking was allowed.  We felt we couldn't deal with her being whacked against the side rails of the rink by teenage boys.  Most of the team sports are controlled by the schools in our town.  I am hoping this yearning to be on a  competitive team will somehow wither away.  Meanwhile I have been suggesting *convenient* sporting activities like climbing.

The climbing walls are right next to parkour.  I can learn to belay and then take her when we feel like going for a drop-in fee.  It is a cool looking place.

The climbs are challenging.

She likes climbing but doesn't love it.  It might be wishful thinking that this feeling of wanting to be on a competitive sports team will go away anytime soon.

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  1. Well as you know I have never been sporty but I LOVE rowing. I love the working together with a team. The feeling you get when everything is in sync, the being outdoors on the river. The dolphins that play around us (actually they are probably chasing fish but I like to think they are saying hi to us). And it is great exercise and I've made new friends. Try rowing?