Monday, September 17, 2012


Auditions were quite an adventure today. Oh my gosh.  There were exactly 25 kids eager to get up and wow the crowd.  Some of the performances were amazing.  Ours were not so great.

Tristan did a nice job and his personality shined through as always.  He was nervous and definitely felt it more this year.  It was his first solo audition and he was worried he would forget his lines.  Here is a snippet of his audition.

Claire decided to change her mind on her audition piece at 10pm the night before.  She was worried that the kids might tease her about doing something love related.  She changed it to a very difficult speech: the Queen Mab speech by Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet.  She didn't have enough time to get it down and she was very nervous.  She forgot one of her lines and then got rattled and couldn't go on. She was devastated.  It broke my heart.

It is hard to endure seeing your child so devastated.  She wanted to do well so badly.  I suggested to her that I video her doing the "Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo" speech she had prepared for today and send it to the director.  She did and feels much better.

My children need to fail sometimes.  It helps develop grit and perseverance.  It is hard to watch though. And I hope this story has a happy ending.

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  1. Bravo! I would struggle to memorize Shakespeare and NEVER EVER would be able to perform it. I don't have the talent of acting. However, you both certainly do! Even though I was not in the audience, I was with you in spirit as I thought of you both all morning long. No matter the role assigned, how big or how small, I will be there in the audience to see you both perform for in my opinion, PL Players can hold their own against any of the production companies I saw this summer. Claire, you could fill in for Juliet in HVSC any day. Send them this video!