Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new project

For months now I have been trying to help Tristan incubate an idea for the Huckleberry Hill Project. This was an easy task for Claire who comes up with ideas all the time.  For Tristan, it has been more difficult.  He came up with one idea which is setting up a Minecraft club at the library where children discuss Minecraft, help each other download mods and do various other Minecraft activities.  I think this is a good idea.  He will have to coordinate with the library and it will be a forum of kids of similar interests. It is something that could be accomplished easily.

I was hoping he would come up with something else as well, that would challenge him and require him to get help and develop skills.  I was nudging him to get in touch with his inner entrepreneur as he is such a people person.

Finally after a lot of soul searching he decided that he really likes to grow plants and cook.  He decided he wants to start a company that has to do with growing herbs and he wants to make things with herbs in them.  He loves helping me make non-toxic cleaning products for our house. He decided that he would like to do just that.

Today he started working on his project in earnest.  He wants to call his company Earth Friendly Home and he wants to sell dishwashing detergent, hand soap, counter cleaner, glass cleaner, bar soap (eek!) and mini winter herb gardens.  He would like to sell his products at farmers markets and to earth friendly mamas!


  1. That is pretty awesome! Sign me up for the soap and house cleaners. Will he come and clean as well?

  2. He probably would for you but I have to tell you that his track record is not so hot in the cleaning department!

  3. Since I am now a test family for Cormac's Green Project, I will gladly purchase some of his cleaners! He should talk to him about collaboration in their projects since they tie together so nicely! My girls are eager to start meeting......I can't wait to hear more about his project!

  4. I love this idea. I work at a public library in NJ and I met a girl this summer who grows herbs and dries them and makes wonderful tea with them in earth-friendly tea bags. She was 9, I was amazed at her business sense!