Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucky Tails update

You might have noticed that I haven't been writing much about Lucky Tails lately.  I guess it is because Claire has had a challenging couple of months with her dogs.

Roxy was adopted very quickly but the others have proven to be difficult to find homes for.

We are waiting to see whether Zucchi will go to a new home on the weekend after an unsuccessful trial at a new home 2 weeks ago. There has been no interest in Mocha.  Both of these dogs are brindle Pitbull mixes.  Not the most popular combination.

It has been hard watching Claire juggle finding long term foster care for them and coping with one disappointment after another.  Still, valuable lessons are being learned and she is continuing, albeit more cautiously.  She will be choosing more marketable dogs to rescue in the future. It is a shame that there are just so many abandoned dogs in need out there and so many euthanized every day.

Meanwhile Mocha has been staying with us these past 8 weeks and she has grown on the whole family.  She is a very sweet, exceedingly loyal dog.  She follows you around and is always so excited to see you.  Her constant happiness is contagious.  She is cuddly, affectionate and gentle and has some adorable quirks.  She lies on the floor for example like a stretched out frog. George is teaching her to fetch and she learns quickly.  She also gets on very well with Tuggles and keeps him fit, chasing him all around the yard.  Everyone wants to keep her.  I would prefer to have one dog (just Tuggles), but George is wearing me down as he has fallen in love with this little one. I am still holding out.

Her legs crack me up.  She looks like a mechanical dog! So cute!

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