Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dancing up a storm

Recently Tristan was invited to join a group of young break dancers to form a crew.  His crew is going to meet once a week for 2 hours and train together.  The crew is being trained by his teacher and mentor Luis and crew of the current Battle Toadz.  Tristan is more than excited to have a crew of serious dancers to train with.  His two best buddies have been invited too.

Breakdancing is not just a street dance these days.  There are breakdancing groups all around the world.  In Korea, breakdancing is a state sponsored sport where the athletes are paid the minimum wage to train.  There are international competitions where breakdancing teams come from all over the world.  Recently, there has been a push to set up statewide breakdancing franchises across the country.  Each franchise will have a team.  Only four states have franchises thus far and Connecticut is one of them.  Tristan's crew will be the first rung on the path to joining the CT team.

I am thrilled that he will be hanging out with a group of mainly boys and be mentored by older dancers passionate about their sport.

Right now Tristan is concentrating on building his core strength and balance.  He trains hard. He dances less than half of his 90 minute lessons.

Tristan's crew will start training in April.  In the meantime Tristan has been training with the Battle Toadz.  United Outkast members mentor the younger team.  It has been fun watching Tristan get to know the dancers.

There is a dancers code.  In order to be on these teams you must be dedicated, kind and supportive of other team members.  It s a very cohesive group with its own culture.  No one drinks or takes drugs for example, even when they celebrate.  They work too hard.  They are always trying to better themselves.  Tristan knows that you don't talk when you train.  You make sure your shoelaces are tied.  You are always making the most out of your training.  You listen to advice.
You are a role model for younger members.
You don't miss a training.

It is a great feeling to see him aspiring to be his best self.

His next competition is coming up in the next couple of weeks.  He is battling with his teacher (in a team of 2) against other experienced break dancers.  I can't wait.

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